Chamber sitting

Sc NO Parties Date Motion Filed Filed by Which Party Prayers Date Of Sitting Result Of Application Rulling (Decision)
SC320/200 Stephen Babatunde Shittu (Appellant/Applicant) VS Peugeot Automobile Nig. Ltd (Respondent) 27 Oct, 2015 Appellant/Applicant Application to attach additional record of proceedings 5 Apr, 2017 Granted as Prayed
SC65/2009 Chinyelugo Amechi P Uwakwe (Respondent/Appellant/) VS Chief V. C. Obumseli & Anor (Appellants/Respondents) 4 Aug, 2016 Respondent/Applicant Application for Accelerated hearing of this Appeal 5 Apr, 2017 Application Granted as prayed
SC174/2009 Nnanyelugo Onuorah Anionwu & Anor (Appellants) VS Mrs. Scholastica Anionwu (Appellant/Respondent 12 Feb, 2010 Respondent Extension of time to file Respondent's brief. Of Argument 5 Apr, 2017 Application Granted as prayed Application for extension of time to file Respondent brief is hereby granted as prayer. Accordingly , Respondent Brief is deemed properly filed today 5/4/2017 
SC246/2009 Chudi Veridical Company Ltd (Appellant/Applicant) VS Ifeshinachi Industries Nigeria Limited & Anor (Respondents 12 Jun, 2014 Appellant/ Applicant Respondent /Applicant Application for Accelerated hearing of this Appeal. Application for Accelerated hearing 5 Apr, 2017 Application dated 12/6/2014 Granted as prayed. Application dated 29/6/2015 is hereby Struckout Appeal is Adjourned to 20/11/2017. for hearing.
SC74/2013 Beemo Industries Limited & Anor (Appellants/Respondents) VS Spring Bank Plc. (Respondent/Applicant) 11 Apr, 2013 Respondent Application for Substitution of name’’ Spring Bank Plc for Respondent name 5 Apr, 2017 Application Granted as prayed  Application for substitution of name ‘’ Enterprise Bank Limited ‘’for Spring Bank Plc’’ for Respondent name is hereby Granted. Leave is granted to substitute name. Time is extended to today 5/4/2017 to transmit and file Records of Appeal. Records are deemed compiled and Transmitted. All Processes are deemed amended to reflect the substitution  
SC300/2013 Julius Berger Nigeria Plc (Appellant/Applicant) VS Mrs. Dolapo Ogundehin (Respondent) 3 Nov, 2015 Appellant/Applicant Application for extension of time to file 5 Apr, 2017 Application Granted as prayed Application is Granted as prayed. Time is extended to today 5/4/2017 to file brief of Argument according, brief filed on 11/3/2015 is deemed properly filed and served today, 5/4/2015
SC339/2014 Stanley Ossai (Appellant/Applicant) VS The Peoples of Lagos State (Respondent) 16 Jun, 2014 Appellant/Applicant 1.Enlargement of time to seek leave to Appeal. 2.Leave to Appeal. 3. 1.Enlargement of time to Appeal 5 Apr, 2017 Grandted Application filed on 16/6/2016 party is granted. Prayer 3 Granted. Prayer 1& 2 of the application not being necessary is hereby Struck-out
SC305/2015 Ifeanyi Ihim (Appellant) VS Cyril Maduagwu & Anor (Respondents) 23 Jan, 2017 Appellant/Applicant Application for Accelerated hearing 5 Apr, 2017 strckkout Application for Accelerated hearing filed 23/1/2017 is premature and hereby struckout
SC203/2017 Hon. Sunday Aghedo (Appellant) VS Godwin Adenomo & Ors (Respondents) 30 Mar, 2017 1st Respondent/Applicant Application Abridging the time within which to file brief 5 Apr, 2017 strckkout Application being premature is hereby struckout
SC597/2016 The State (Appellant/Applicant) VS Micheal Fafuru (Respondents) 7 Jul, 2016 Appellant/Applicant Enlargement of time within which the Applicant may apply for leave to appeal …Etc 5 Apr, 2017 Application Adjourned Application filed on 25/7/2016 is adjourned to 15/6/2017 to open court. Hearing notice to issue to parties
SC779/2014 Mai Iumbo Adamu (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) 26 Nov, 2014 Appellant/Applicant An order for extension of time to Appeal …Etc 5 Apr, 2017 Order Party Granted An order Granted as prayed in terms of prayer 3. Prayer 1& 2 not necessary are struck-out
SC336/2008 Adeokin Records & 2 Anor (Appellants /Respondents) VS Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria Ltd/Gte (Respondent /Applicant) 4 Oct, 2010 Respondent/Applicant An Order For Granting Leave To The Respondent Applicant To Amend Its Brief Of Argument Dated 23/4/2009 22 Mar, 2017 GRANTED  Amended Respondent brief of Argument filed on 4/10/2016 is deemed as properly filed and served today 22/3/2017  
SC396/2014 Central Bank of Nigeria (Appellant/Applicant) VS Tunde Akiniusi (Respondent/Respondent/Applicant)   1 Jul, 2014 Appellant /Applicant Respondent Applicant 18/3/2015 Enlarging the Time for Appellant to Compile And Transmit The Record for Appeal. Etc. Striking Out The Appeal Lodge by the Appellant Vide A Notice Of Appeal Dated 27/3/2013. 22 Mar, 2017 Granted Struck-out Time is enlarged to the Appellant to Compile and transmit the Record of Appeal. The record of Appeal compiled and transmitted to this court is deemed today. 22/3/2017. How ever the Motion filed on 18/3/2015 is Struck out having been Overtaken on event.  
SC747/2016 Sir Jude Agbaso (Appellant/Applicant) VS Hon Simon Iwunze & Ors (Respondents/Respondents)   9 Sep, 2016 APPELLANT APPLICANT Enlargement Of Time Within Which The Appellant May Apply For Leave To Appeal Against The Judgment Of Court Of Appeal Owerri Division 22 Mar, 2017 Adjourned The Application Filed On The 9/9/2016 Require Further Explanation. Is Therefore Adurned To The 7/11/2017 For Hearing On The Open Court.    
SC722/2013 LT Colonel P. Y. Awusa (Appellant/Applicant) VS Nigeria Army (Respondent/Respondent)   15 Dec, 2016 Appellant Applicant An order setting down the substantive Appeal for hearing on the Appellant brief only. 22 Mar, 2017 Granted Application file on 15/12/2016 is ordered as prayed. Appeal to be head on 8/2/2018 in the open court on the Appellant brief only.  
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