Chamber sitting

Sc NO Parties Date Motion Filed Filed by Which Party Prayers Date Of Sitting Result Of Application /
Rulling (Decision)
SC856/2014 Ayodele Ikumonihan (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) 22 Jun, 2017 Appellant An order Granting accelerated of this Appeal 5 Jul, 2017 Application granted as prayed. Appeal is Adjourned to 8/2/2018 for hearing
SC319/2015 Yisa Abdul Rahaman (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent/Applicant) 10 Feb, 2017 Respondent Applicaton for an order granting extension of time to the Respondent to file brief of Argurment 5 Jul, 2017 Application Granted as prayed. Adjourned to 27/9/2018 for hearing of the Appeal
SC458/2015 Usman Salihu Lawan (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent) 22 Mar, 2016 Appellant An order for enlargement of time for the Appellant Applicant to trasmit the Record of Appeal out of time 5 Jul, 2017 Application granted as prayed
SC955/2015 Kabir Abdullahi (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent) 15 Mar, 2017 Appellant Application for an order granting Accelerated hearing of the Appellant/Application Appeal 5 Jul, 2017 Application is granted as prayed. Appeal Adjourned to 15/2/2018 for hearing
13.SC539/2016 Nigeria Army (Appellant/Applicant) VS MWO Kenabu Philips (Respondent) 8 Jul, 2016 Appellant an order granting leave to the appellant/ applicant to appeal 5 Jul, 2017 Application granted as prayed
SC466/2013 Syvester Alabo Waripamo & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Agaladuma Olodo 24 Mar, 2014 Appellant/Applicant Enlarging the time for the Appellants to file the Appellants brief of Argument 21 Jun, 2017 Adjourned to 27/3/2018
SC508/2012 Attorney General of the Federation (Plaintiff) VS A. G. Lagos State 30 Jun, 2016 Plaintiff/ Defendant Extension of time to file Defendant Me-morandum or Appeant/leave to amend originsty 21 Jun, 2017 1st Application Granted & 2nd Application Adj to 26/3/2018
SC296/2009 Nigeria Stock Exchange (Appellant/Respondent) VS Boat Nigeria Limited & Anor( Respondents/Applicants) 3 Feb, 2017 1st Respondent/Applicant 1st An Order for Accelerated hearing of SC296/2009 2ND The Appeal be heard on the Appellant brief and 1st Respondent brief alone 21 Jun, 2017 Appeal is Fixed for hearing in the open court on 5/2/2018
SC438/2015 Hon. Justice S.O. Adagun (Appellant/Applicant) VS Mallam Jubril Satumari & Ors(Respondents) 24 Jul, 2015 Appellant Enlargement of time to the Appellant to transmit compiled record of Appeal 21 Jun, 2017 Granted as Prayed
SC376/2014 John Tunde Oriloye (Appellant/Applicant) VS Lagos State Goveverment( Respondent/Applicant) 2 Feb, 2017 Appellant Extension of time to seek leave to Appeal. 21 Jun, 2017 Granted 60 days given to file Notice of Appeal
SC16/2014 Madam Roseta Bestman& Anor(Appellant/Applicant) VS Madam Stella Whiyte 6 Mar, 2014 Appellant Enlarging the time to 20/1/2014 within which the Record be Transmitted 21 Jun, 2017 Adjourned to 27/3/2018
SC70/2016 Joseph Oluwarotimi Ojo(Appellant/Applicant) VS Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee 15 Jul, 2016 Appellant Extension of time for leave to Appeal against the Direction of legal practitioners Disciplinary Committee 21 Jun, 2017 Granted as Prayed
SC734/2015 Sunday Ogbuokiri & Anor(Appellants) VS Brown Ugboaja (Respondent) 28 Sep, 2015 Appellant Extenstion of time to seek leave to Appeal 21 Jun, 2017 Incompetent & Struckout
SC662/2015 Mr. Saibu Adekunjo & Ors(Appellants/Applicants) VS Chief Salam Hassain (Respondent) 13 Dec, 2016 Appellant Application for Accelerated hearing of this Appeal 21 Jun, 2017 Refused and Dismissed
SC614/2016 Yahaya Umar (Appellant/Applicant) VS Federal Republic Of Nigeria 5 Apr, 2017 Appellant Appeal to be heard on Appellant brief alone 21 Jun, 2017 Appeal Fixed for hearing on Appellant brief alone on 26/4/2018
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