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10/15/2018 SC.191/2005 Mr. Micheal Adole (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Living Faith Otukpo (Respondent/Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
10/15/2018 SC.321/2010 Chief (Ichie) Chuks Muoma (SAN) (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Hon. Justice Sotoye Denton - West (Respondent/Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
10/15/2018 SC.169/2014 Civil Motion
10/15/2018 SC.26/2015 Total Exploration and Production Nigeria Limited (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Mr. Azubiuke Okwu & 9 Ors (Respondent/Respondent/Applicant Civil Motion
10/15/2018 SC.1112/2017 Olalekan Olakehinde (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Economic & Financial Crimes Commission (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
10/15/2018 SC.287/2006 Union Bank of Nigeria Plc (Appellant) Vs Clement Nwankwo & Anor (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/15/2018 SC.359/2007 Chief (Mrs) J.A. Thomas (Appellant) Vs Barrister Gbenga Akingbehin (Operating under the name and style of Gbenga Akingbehin & Co.) (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/15/2018 SC.365/2007 Alhaji Mansur Ahmed & 3 Ors (The representatives of Debenture Holders and other contributors to sacred Heart School, Kaduna) (Appellant) Vs The Registered Trustees of the Archdiocese of Kaduna of the Romancatholic Church (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/15/2018 SC.355/2009 Nigerian Institute of Medical Research (Appellant) Vs Prince Olusunmade Akin-Olugbade & 3 Ors (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/15/2018 SC.584/2013 His Royal Highness Oba Samuel Adebayo Adegbola (Eleruwa) & Ors (Appellant) Vs Mr. James Olatunde Idowu & Ors (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/11/2018 SC.855/2016 The State (Appellant/Application) Vs Jackson Isaac (Respondent) Criminal Motion
10/11/2018 SC.856/2016 The State (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Hassan Umaru (Respondent) Criminal Motion
10/11/2018 SC.61/2016 Criminal Motion
10/11/2018 SC.485/2016 Criminal Motion
10/11/2018 SC.678/2017 Criminal Motion
10/11/2018 SC.145/2013 Umaru Sunday (Appellant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
10/11/2018 SC.146/2013 Akpomie Oghereovu (Appellant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
10/11/2018 SC.147/2013 Danjuma Rabe (Appellant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
10/11/2018 SC.762/2013 Yakubu Ali (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
10/11/2018 SC.113/2016 Criminal Appeal
10/10/2018 SC.230/2009 Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.465/2011 Sakamori Construction Nigeria Ltd. (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Lagos State Water Corporation (Respondent) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.110/2005 Alhaji Abubakar Ahmed (Appellant/Respondent) Vs Crown Merchant Bank Ltd (Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.541/2013 Edward Akeregha (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Shell Petroleum Development Nig. Ltd (Respondent) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.26/2014 Vice-Chancellor, University of Ilorin &Ors (Appellants/Respondents) Vs Professor B.J.Olufeagba (Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.568/2014 Central Bank of Nigeria (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Bob Kay Njemanze & 2 Ors. (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.904/2014 Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.264/2015 Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.292/2015 Mrs. Felicia Durowaiye (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Union Bank Plc. (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.721/2016 Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.752/2016 Chief P.C. Okwuego & 4 Ors (Appellants/Respondents) Vs Dr. Ezekiel O. Nwokeji & 3 Ors (Respondents/Applicants) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.632/2017 Central Bank of Nigeria (Appellant/Respondent) Vs Rahamaniya Global Resources Limited (Applicant/Respondent) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.918/2017 Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Tony Ekenedirichukwu Anyadike & 2 Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.1106/2017 Civil Motion
10/10/2018 SC.904/2014 David Ojeabuo (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
10/10/2018 SC.169/2017 The People of Lagos State (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Olayinka Ayeni (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
10/09/2018 SC.516/2012 Mr. Abdulganiyu Adeniran & Anor. (Appellants/Respondents) Vs HRH. Oba Abdulganiyu Ajibola Ibrahim & Ors (Respondents/Applicants) Civil Motion
10/09/2018 SC.127/2015 Alhaji Abdul-Rauf Tijjani & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) Vs First Bank of Nigeria Plc & Anor (Respondents) Civil Motion
10/09/2018 SC.128/2015 Alhaji Abdul-Rauf A.Tijani & Ors. (Appellant) Vs Hon. Justice George Oguntade & Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
10/09/2018 SC.422/2016 Civil Motion
10/09/2018 SC.508/2015 Access Bank Plc (Appellant/Respondent) Vs Mr. Folorunsho Ogboja (Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
10/09/2018 SC.76/2009 Engr. Peter Olusan-Yafapounda (Appellant) Vs Reynolds Construction company Nigeria Ltd & Ors. (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/09/2018 SC.120/2009 Zimiro Emejuru & Anor. (Appellant) Vs Obedial Abraham (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/09/2018 SC.439/2010 Civil Appeal
10/09/2018 SC.314/2013 Union Bank of Nigeria Plc (Appellant) Vs Ravih Abdula & Co. Ltd. (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/09/2018 SC.941/2015 Wowe Moses Esq. (Appelant) Vs Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/09/2018 SC.192/2016 Guaranty Trust Bank Plc (Appellant) Vs Aliyu M. Garba (Respondent) Civil Appeal
10/08/2018 SC.283/2015 Rotimi Victor Ajayi (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Mrs. Jane Harry (Respondent/) Civil Motion
10/08/2018 SC.348/2015 First Bank of Nigeria Plc (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Chief Francis Mosunmola Durojaiye & 3 Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
10/08/2018 SC.281/2016 Value Trust Investment (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Government of Benue State & Anor (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion

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