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07/13/2017 SC541/2014 Etubom . O .M J. Eyaimba & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Nigeria Ports Authority & 3 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC349/2015 Nigeria Army (Appellant) VS Corporal Usman Ainoko (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC495/2016 ConOil Plc. (Appellant/Applicant) VS Alhaji Mohammed Inuwa Duste (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC967/2015 Jacob A. Adekanbi (Appellant/Applicant) VS Alabi Elijah & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC818/2016 Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (Appellant/Applicant) VS Patrick Ogu & Anor (Appellant/Applicant) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC32/1985 Oba Izediuno Ezenwani & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Obi Nkadi Onwordi & 8 Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC513/2013 Ichie Victor Onuchukwu (Appellant/Applicant) VS Obi Nkadi Onwordi & Anor (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC322/2015 Yahaya Ubochi (Appellant/Applicant) VS Michael Nuhu Atumeyi (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC938/2015 Ebukidiok Uduak Usoro & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Eyi Ebukidiok Uduak Usoro & Ors (Respondent/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC239/2016 Dr. Olaseni Adesina (Appellant/Applicant) VS Air France (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC342/2015 Hon justice Jubril Babajide Aladejana (Appellant/Applicant) VS National Judicial Council & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC561/2016 Zenith Bank Plc (Appellant/Applicant) VS H. R. H. Eze Dr. Sir M. O. Kanu & Anor (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC805/2016 Ahmed Dameida & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Abubakar U. Birman & 3 Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/10/2017 SC362/2007 Dr. O. A. Falomo (Appellant/Applicant) VS Oluwole Onakanmi Jnr (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/10/2017 SC140/2012 National Judicial Council (Appellant/Applicant) VS Hon. Justice Yau Dakwan & 2 Ors (Respondents/Respondents ) Civil Motion
07/10/2017 SC512/2013 Mr Godfrey C. Agbogu & Ors Appellants/Applicants) VS Chief Emmanuel Emelife (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/10/2017 SC94/2015 Ambusa Akanni Appellant/Applicant) VS Oba Ashiru Olaniyan (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/10/2017 SC595/2015 Chief Nkang Otuene Mbere & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Chief Moses Abah-Ogwuile & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/10/2017 SC772/2015 Top Service Limited Appellant/Applicant) VS Artec Industries Limited (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/10/2017 SC962/2016 The Registered Trustees of Deeper Life Christian Life Ministry Appellant/Applicant) VS Mr. Joseph Ebhidage (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/05/2017 SC96/2003 Oredola Okeya Trading Co. & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Bank of Credit & Commerce International Ltd & Anor (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/05/2017 SC135/2008 Stephen Dino & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Shell Petroleum Dev. Company Nigeria. Ltd (Respondent) Civil Motion
07/05/2017 SC225/2008 Mr. Akin Soyemi (Appellant/Applicant) VS African Petroleum Plc. (Respondent) Civil Motion
07/05/2017 SC313/2010 Alhaji Abatcha Mohammed Kolo (Appellant/Applicant) VS Alhaji Mohammed Lawan (Respondent) Civil Motion
07/05/2017 SC36/2011 First City Monument Bank Plc (Appellant/Applicant) VS Ruhanti (Nig) Enterprises Ltd., & Anor (Respondents/Applicants) Civil Motion
07/05/2017 SC682/2015 Hildefma Global Resources Ltd (Appellant/Applicant) VS Setraco (Nig.) Ltd & Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/05/2017 SC88/2017 Elder G. O. C. Wami & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Chief Allan Okechukwu Ogbondamati & Ors Supre,e Court etc. (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/05/2017 SC531/2013 Ifeanyi Ekwuru-Ekwu (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Motion
07/05/2017 SC856/2014 Ayodele Ikumonihan (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Motion
07/05/2017 SC319/2015 Yisa Abdul Rahaman (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent/Applicant) Criminal Motion
07/05/2017 SC458/2015 Usman Salihu Lawan (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Motion
07/05/2017 SC955/2015 Kabir Abdullahi (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Motion
07/05/2017 SC539/2016 Nigeria Army (Appellant/Applicant) VS MWO Kenabu Philips (Respondent) Criminal Motion
07/04/2017 SC218/2008 Bank of Industry Limited (Appellant/Applicant) VS Awojugbagbe Light Industries Limited (Respondent) Civil Motion
07/04/2017 SC51/2012 Nsit Ibom Local Government & Anor (Appellants) VS Obong Lawrence Uwemem Iyoho & Anor (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/04/2017 SC750/2013 Eze Young Ogbonna & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Chief Nelson Ogbuji & 4 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/04/2017 SC422/2014 Marine Service & Supply Company Int’l Limited (Appellant/Respondent) VS Shallseis Limited (Respondent) Civil Motion
07/04/2017 SC198/2015 Cosmos Forum Nigeria Limited (Appellant/Applicant) VS Al-key Properties Limited & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/04/2017 SC342/2015 Prince Gbolahan Dada & 2 Ors (Appellants/Respondents) VS Olusegun Akinde & 3 Ors (Respondents/Applicants) Civil Motion
07/04/2017 SC330/2015 Bureau of Public Enterprise (Appellants/Respondents) VS Dangote Cement Plc & Ors (Respondents/Applicants) Civil Motion
07/04/2017 SC143/2008 South Atlantic Petroleum Limited (Appellant/Respondent) VS The Ministry of Petroleum Resources (Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
07/03/2017 SC96/2006 Chief Gabriel Igbinedion & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Umoh Asuquo Antia (Respondent) Civil Motion
07/03/2017 SC110/2005 Alh. Abubakar Ahmed & Ors. (Appellants/Applicants) VS Crown Merchant Bank Ltd (Respondent) Civil Motion
07/03/2017 SC233/2007 Alh. Abubakar Zira (Appellant/Applicant) VS Edward Awolowo & Anor (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/03/2017 SC167/2008 Mufu Lamina & Ors. (Appellants/Applicants) VS Oba Yekini Elegushi & Ors. (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/03/2017 SC562/2015 Alh. Isa Noeker (Appellant/Applicant) VS The Executive Governor of Plateau State & 5 Ors . (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/03/2017 SC291/2016 Central Bank of Nigeria & 2 Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Boniface Okezie & 12 Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/03/2017 SC731/2016 Yahaya Adama & Anor (Appellants/Respondents) VS Alh. Aminu Maigari & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/03/2017 SC203/2017 Hon. Sunday Aghedo (Appellant/Applicant) VS Godwin Adenomo & 2 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
06/30/2017 SC59/2007 Yakubu Pada (Appellant) VS Galadima Magaji (Respondent) Civil Judgement

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