Causelist Archive

# Date Case Type ScNo Party Particulars Court
51 17-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 17/2018 National Inland Water ways Authority & 3 Ors (Appellants/Applicants) Vs Lagos State Waterways Authority & 5 Ors. (Rspondents) Application filed on 21/8/2019 for an order of this Honourable Court extending the time within which the Appellants/Applicants? may file Reply Brief of Argument ?etc Court 1
52 17-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 584/2018 First Bank of Nig. Plc (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Standard Polyplastic Industries Ltd. (Respondent) Application filed on 16/11/2018 for an order of this Honourable Court granting a departure from the Rules of this Honourable Court?etc Court 1
53 17-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 836/2018 Kenuj Investment Ltd. (Appellant/applicant) Vs Divage Health and Sanitary Services & Anor. (Respondents) Application filed on 8/11/2016 for an order of this Honourable Court extending the time within which the Appellant/Applicant may seek leave to Appeal ?etc Court 1
54 17-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 235/2008 Hon. Nelson Achukwu (Appellant) Vs Dr. Chris Ngige & 2 Ors (Respondents) Court 1
55 17-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 196/2009 Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (Appellant) Vs Fidelity Bank & 3 Ors (Respondents) Court 1
56 17-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 855/2014 Rev. Dr. Christian Okeke (Appellant) Vs Mr. Joseph Uwaechina (Respondent) Court 1
57 17-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 377/2019 All Progressives Congress (Appellant) Vs Senator Kabiru Garba Marafa & 178 Ors (Respondents) Court 1
58 16-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 205/2015 Michael Ighofose & Anor. (Appellants/Applicants) Vs Chief Emmanuel Chuks Ikokwu (Respondent) 1 Application filed on 27/9/2016 for an order extending the time within which the Appellants/Applicants May compile and transmit the Record of Appeal in Appeal No. CA/L/293/2013?.etc 2. Applicantion filed on 28/3/2017 for an order of this Honourable Court that the Appellants/Respondents pay the sum of N4,068,333.00?.etc Court 1
59 16-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 129/2015 Dr. Shettima Bukar Abba (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Alhaji Musa Abba Aji & 2 Ors (Respondents) 1. Application filed on 13/3/2015 for an order extension of time Within which to apply to appeal?..etc 2. Application filed on 31/3/2015 for an order of Court staying the execution of the Judgment of the Court of Appeal?etc 3. Application filed on 17/5/2018 for an order consolidating Appeal No. SC 129/2015?..etc Court 1
60 16-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 109/2016 Alhaji Musa Abba Aji (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Dr. Shettima Bukar Abba & 2 Ors (Respondents) Application filed on 2/3/2016 for an order for leave to apply for enlargement of time within which the Appellant/Applicant may transmit the compiled record of Appeal?etc Court 1
61 16-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 461/2018 Julius Berger Nigeria Plc (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Almighty Projects Innovative & Anor. (Respondents) Application filed on 6/2/2020 for an order for accelerated hearing of this Appeal No. SC 461/2018 ?..etc Court 1
62 16-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 832/2018 Mr. Donatus Ogbaji & Anor. (Appellants/Respondents) Vs Mr. Charles Ogbaji & Anor (Respondents) Application filed on 30/8/2018 for an order dismissing this Appeal for want of diligent prosecution ?.etc Court 1
63 16-03-2020 CIVIL MOTION SC 422/2016 Alhaji Yekini Jimoh (Appellant/Applicant) Vs The Hon. Minister Federal Capital Territory & 2 Ors. (Respondents) Application filed on 8/5/2019 for an order of this Honourable Court granting leave to the Appellant/Applicant to further amend his Amended Notice and Grounds of Appeal ?.etc Court 1
64 16-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 27/2008 Olufemi Ayorinde (Appellant) Vs Chief Ayodele Kuforiji (Respondent) Court 1
65 16-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 45/2008 Omni Products (Nig) Ltd. & Anor (Appellants) Vs Union Bank of Nigeria Plc (Respondent) Court 1
66 16-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 67/2013 Chief Samuel Effong Educk (Appellant) Vs Mrs. Mary Effiong Eduok & Anor. (Respondents) Court 1
67 16-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 576/2014 His Royal Highness Alhaji Ado Bayero (The Emir of Kano) (Deceased) & 2 Ors (Appellants) Vs Alhaji Aminu Baaba Dan Adundi & 9 Ors (Respondents) Court 1
68 16-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 636/2015 Oteri Holdings Ltd. (Appellant) Vs Chief Mukaila Kolawole Oluwa & @ Ors. (Respondents) Court 1
69 16-03-2020 CIVIL APPEAL SC 765/2017 Crestar Integrated Natural Resources Limited (Appellant) Vs The Shell Petroleum of Nigeria Limited & 2 Ors (Respondents) Court 1
70 13-03-2020 CIVIL JUDGEMENT SC 132/2010 Alh. Ismail Almajir (Appellant) Vs Jabait Ventures Nigeria Limited & Anor. (Respondents) Court 1
71 13-03-2020 CIVIL JUDGEMENT SC 416/2014 Apostle Peter Ekweozo & Ors (Appellants) Vs The Registered Trustees of Saviour Apostolic Church of Nigeria. (Respondent) Court 1
72 13-03-2020 CIVIL JUDGEMENT SC 395/2015 Pius Umeadi & 10 Ors (Appellants) Vs Victor Chibunze & Anor (Respondents) Court 1
73 13-03-2020 CIVIL JUDGEMENT SC 514/2015 Hajia Yinusa Bakari (Appellant) Vs Deacones (Mrs) Felicia Ariwola Ogundipe & 3 Ors (Respondents) Court 1
74 13-03-2020 CIVIL JUDGEMENT SC 713/2016 U. O. O. Nigeria Plc (Appellant) Vs Mr. Maribe Okafor & Ors. (Respondents) Court 1
75 13-03-2020 CIVIL JUDGEMENT SC 990/2016 CIL Risk & Asset Management Limited (Appellant) Vs Ekiti State Government & 3 Ors. (Respondents) Court 1