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09/28/2017 SC70/2013 Haruna Alh. Galadima (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/27/2017 SC185/2011 Conoil Plc (Appellant) VS Vitol S. A. (Respondent) Civil Motion
09/27/2017 SC584/2015 Ruth Adehwe Aweto (Appellant/Respondent) VS Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent/Applicant) Criminal Motion
09/27/2017 SC312/2017 Federal Republic of Nigeria (Appellant/Applicant) VS Romeo Omenogor (Respondent) Criminal Motion
09/27/2017 SC127/2014 Bar. Yusuf Dankofa (Appellant/Applicant) VS Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/27/2017 SC865/2016 Federal Republic of Nigeria (Appellant) VS Francis Atuche & 2 Ors (Respondents) Criminal Appeal
09/27/2017 SC106/2017 Mr. Ugo Anyanwu (Appellant) VS Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/27/2017 SC151/2017 Mr. Francis Atuche (Appellant) VS Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/26/2017 SC272/2014 Prince Michael Adetoye Obatuga & Anor (Appellants) VS Prince Raymond Adewole Oyebokun & Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
09/26/2017 SC621/2015 Citibank Nigeria Limited (Appellant/Applicant) VS Mr. Martins Ikediashi (Respondent) Civil Motion
09/26/2017 SC876/2015 The Attorney-General of the Federation of Nigeria (Plaintiff) VS The Attorney-General of Anambra State (Defendant) Civil Motion
09/26/2017 SC196/2016 Jonathan Yiase (Appellant/Respondent) VS Terlumum Atighir (Respondent/Application) Civil Motion
09/26/2017 SC96/2006 Chief Gabriel Igbinedion & Ors (Appellants) VS Umoh Asuquo Antia (Respondents) Civil Appeal
09/26/2017 SC207/2006 Mr. Moses Benjamin & 2 Ors (Appellants) VS Rev. G. G. B. Kalio (Appellant) Civil Appeal
09/26/2017 SC348/2008 Attorney General of Edo State & Anor (Appellants) VS Churchgate Industries Nigeria Limited & Anor (Respondents) Civil Appeal
09/26/2017 SC218/2010 Nigeria Port Authority (Appellant) VS Aminu Ibarahim & Company & Anor (Respondents) Civil Appeal
09/26/2017 SC680/2016 Alh. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu (Appellant) VS Mr. Anthony Itanyi & 4 Ors (/Respondents) Civil Appeal
09/26/2017 SC762/2016 Mr. Anthony Itanyi & 4 Ors (Appellants) VS Alh. Abubakar Atiku Bagudu & 2 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
09/25/2017 SC33/2015 Mohammed Abu & Ors (Appellants/Respondents) VS United Nigeria Textiles Plc (Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
09/25/2017 SC101/2015 National Council on Privatization & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Magi Johnson & Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
09/25/2017 SC125/2015 Covenant Fadama Multi-Purpose & Anor. Appellants/Applicants) VS Barrister Gabriel Allah-Nanu Onu (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
09/25/2017 SC759/2016 Mr. Cyril Fasuyi & 3 Ors Appellants/Applicants/Respondents) VS People Democratic Party (PDP) & 2 Ors. (Respondents/Respondents/Applicants) Civil Motion
09/25/2017 SC176/2006 Akinola Arobieke (Appellants/Applicants) VS National Electric Power Authority (Respondent) Civil Appeal
09/25/2017 SC33/2010 Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (Appellant/Applicant) VS Okon Johnson & 17 Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
09/25/2017 SC378/2010 Inspector-General Of Police & 2 Ors (Appellants) VS Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited & 16 Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
09/21/2017 SC645/2015 Turkur Saleh (Appellants/Applicants) VS The State (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
09/21/2017 SC562/2014 Akinyede Olaiya (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Civil Motion
09/21/2017 SC593/2014 Emmanuel Ugboji (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/21/2017 SC640/2014 Chifoani Okorie (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/21/2017 SC772/2014 Musa Abdulmumuni (Appellant) VS Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/21/2017 SC325/2015 Esonu Chukwunyere (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/21/2017 SC976/2015 Jamiu Dairo (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
09/19/2017 1.SC96/2003 Oredola Okeya Trading Co. & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Bank of Credit & Commerce International Limited & Anor (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
09/19/2017 SC239/2011 Country & City Bricks Development Company Ltd (Appellant/Applicant) VS Hon. Minister of Environment Housing & Urban Development & Anor (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
09/19/2017 SC226/2013 A. T. S. & Sons Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Ben Electronic Co. Nigeria Ltd (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
09/19/2017 SC803/2014 Mr. Larry Izamoje & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Hensen Trust Limited (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
09/19/2017 SC546/2015 Optimum Construction & Property Development Limited (Appellant/Respondent) VS Ake Shareholding Limited (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
09/19/2017 SC645/2016 Gitto Construzioni Generali Nig Ltd (Appellant/Applicant) VS Unique Drills Limited (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
09/19/2017 SC854/2016 Barr. M. A. Abubakar (Appellant/Applicant) VS Comrade Adbullahi Mohammed Tanko & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
09/19/2017 SC180/2006 Enebenmor Osiegbu & Ors (Appellants) VS Atamu A. Okoh & Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC541/2014 Etubom . O .M J. Eyaimba & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Nigeria Ports Authority & 3 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC349/2015 Nigeria Army (Appellant) VS Corporal Usman Ainoko (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC495/2016 ConOil Plc. (Appellant/Applicant) VS Alhaji Mohammed Inuwa Duste (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC967/2015 Jacob A. Adekanbi (Appellant/Applicant) VS Alabi Elijah & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/13/2017 SC818/2016 Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (Appellant/Applicant) VS Patrick Ogu & Anor (Appellant/Applicant) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC32/1985 Oba Izediuno Ezenwani & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Obi Nkadi Onwordi & 8 Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC513/2013 Ichie Victor Onuchukwu (Appellant/Applicant) VS Obi Nkadi Onwordi & Anor (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC322/2015 Yahaya Ubochi (Appellant/Applicant) VS Michael Nuhu Atumeyi (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC938/2015 Ebukidiok Uduak Usoro & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Eyi Ebukidiok Uduak Usoro & Ors (Respondent/Respondents) Civil Motion
07/11/2017 SC239/2016 Dr. Olaseni Adesina (Appellant/Applicant) VS Air France (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion

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