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08/12/2014 SC474/2012 Bello Musa Mogaji (Appellant/Applicant) VS Alh. Ishola Are Ogele (Respondent/Respondent) Motion
08/12/2014 SC102/2013 Hon. Justice Titus Adewuyi Oyeyemi (RTD) & 5 Ors (Appellant/Applicant) VS Hon. Timothy Owoeye & Anor (Claimants/Respondents/ Defendants/Respondents) Motion
08/12/2014 SC764/2014 Dr. Umar Ardo (Appellant/Applicant) VS Dr. Goodluck Jonathan & 3 Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Motion
08/12/2014 SC491/2012 Attorney-General of Abia State & 35 Ors (Plaintiffs) VS Attorney-General of Federation & Anor (Defendants) Appeal
08/12/2014 SC617/2013 Rufai Ahmed Chanchangi (Appellant) VS Umar Isa & 5 Ors (Respondens) Appeal
06/11/2014 SC198/2013 Jeremiah Joseph (Appellant/Respondent) VS The State (Respondent) Political
06/11/2014 SC217/2013 Martin Egbufor (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent) Motion
06/11/2014 SC234/2012 Obasanjo Egharevba (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Appeal
06/11/2014 SC168/2013 Boniface Adonike (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Appeal
06/11/2014 SC241/2013 Tajudeen IIiyasu (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Appeal
06/11/2014 SC364/2012 Fatai Busari (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Appeal
05/11/2014 SC347/2008 Sylvester Omatsone & 65 Ors (Appellants/Respondents) VS Globestar Eng. Co. Nigeria Limited. (Respondent) Motion
05/11/2014 SC375/2010 Agbo Chioma & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Chief Gods power Dimkpa & Ors. (Respondents/Respondents) Motion
05/11/2014 SC204/2012 Dr. Tunji Braiwaite (Appellant/Applicant) VS Standard Chartered bank Nigeria Limited (Respondent) Motion
05/11/2014 SC402/2013 Central Bank Of Nigeria (Appellant/Applicant) VS Dr. Erastus B. O. Akingbola Ors (Respondents) Motion
05/11/2014 SC404/2013 Folarin Rotimi Abiola Williams Esq & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Adold/Stamm International (Nig) Ltd & Anor (Respondents) Motion
05/11/2014 SC405/2013 United Bank for Africa plc (Appellant/Applicant) VS Trident Consultant United (Respondent) Motion
05/11/2014 SC413/2013 Bassey Okpa (Appellant/Respondent) VS The State (Respondent) Motion
05/11/2014 SC421/2013 Suleman Jibrin & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Federal Republic Of Nigeria (Respondent) Motion
05/11/2014 SC424/2013 Abdulhamid Bello & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Federal Republic Of Nigeria (Respondent) Motion
04/12/2014 SC82/2012 Okunade Kolawole (Appellant/Respondent) VS The State (Respondent) Motion
04/12/2014 SC315/2012 Emmanuel Ogar Akong Edoko (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Appeal
04/12/2014 SC 241/2013 Tajudeen IIiyasu (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Appeal
03/12/2014 SC257/2012 Chief Adebisi Adegbuyi (Appellant) VS All Progressive Congress (Respondent Political
03/12/2014 SC130/2013 Chief Francis Uchenna Ugwu (Appellant) VS People Democratic Party (Respondent) Political
03/12/2014 SC165/2013 Michael Ogbolosingha & Ors. (Appellants) VS Bayelsa Independent Electoral Commission & Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC313/2013 Chief Dr. Ray Ihuoma & Anor (Appellant) VS People Democratic Party & Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC349/2013 Alhaji Hassan Yakubu (Appellant) VS All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP) & Ors (Respondents Political
03/12/2014 SC414/2013 Edwin Joseph (Appellant) VS Fabian Ekpenyong & 3 Ors (Respondents Political
03/12/2014 SC509/2013 Dr. Isaac Akpoyeta (Appellant) VS Jenkin Giane Gwede & Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC522/2013 Nuhu Suleiman (Appellant) VS Independent National Electoral Commission & 3 Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC555/2013 Hon. Afe Oberuakpefe Anthony (Appellant) VS People Democratic Party & Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC573/2013 The Governor of Imo State & Ors (Appellants) VS Eze Dr. Cletus Iiomma Nya (Respondent) Political
03/12/2014 SC 619/2013 Mr. Marvin Ojigho (Appellant) VS Engr. Ememukoro & Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC749/2013 Hon. Chief Emeka Ihedioha (Appellant) VS Barr. Austin Aguguo & Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC 753/2013 Prince Hez Okonkwo (Appellant) VS People Democratic Party & 5 Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC757/2013 Eng. Franks Okon (Appellant) VS Independent National Electoral Commission & 2 Ors (Respondents) Political
03/12/2014 SC217/2013 Matin Egbufor (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent) Motion
03/12/2014 SC611/2013 Chief Adisa Agbaosi & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Mrs Clara Abiodun Imevbore & Anor (Respondents) Motion
03/12/2014 SC616/2013 Ingosstrakh Insurance Co. Ltd (Appellant/Respondent) VS Flogret Limited & Ors (Respondents/Applicants) Motion
03/12/2014 SC618/2013 Alhaji Musa Abdullahi (Appellant/Applicant) VS Mal. Yusuf Nuhu (Respondent) Motion
03/12/2014 SC624/2013 B. A. Alade & 9 Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Mr. Ayodele Ogundele & Anor. (Respondents) Motion
03/12/2014 SC630/2013 Power Products International Ltd (Appellant/Respondent) VS Wema Bank Plc (Respondent/Applicant) Motion
03/12/2014 SC632/2013 Ekondo Comminity Bank Ltd (Appellant/Applicant) VS Mr. Eniefiok Mbom Amieting (Respondent) Motion
03/12/2014 SC629/2013 Cletus Okwuchukwu Iche (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent) Motion
03/11/2014 SC411/2012 Station (Nigeria) Limited. (Appellant/Respondent) VS Inducon (Nigeria) Limited , & Anor. (Respondents/Applicants) Motion
03/11/2014 SC412/2012 Station (Nigeria) Limited. (Defendant/Appellant/Applicant) VS Inducon (Nigeria) Limited , & Anor. (Plaintiffs/Respondents) Motion
03/11/2014 SC26/2013 Chevron Nigeria Limited. (Appellant/Applicant) VS Prince E. o. Fregene & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Motion
03/11/2014 SC 64/2014 Eugene Okolocha. (Appellant/Applicant) VS Independent Natioanal Electoral Commission (INEC) & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Motion
03/11/2014 SC228/2005 Ayodele Ilorie & Ors (Appellant) VS Alhaja Risikat Ishola & Anor (Respondents) Motion

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