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03/22/2017 SC396/2014 Central Bank of Nigeria (Appellant/Applicant) VS Tunde Akiniusi (Respondent/Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
03/22/2017 SC747/2016 Sir Jude Agbaso (Appellant/Applicant) VS Hon Simon Iwunze & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
03/22/2017 SC1044/2016 Leaders and Company Limited (Appellant/Applicant) VS Abuja Investment Company Limited (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
03/22/2017 SC722/2013 LT Colonel P. Y. Awusa (Appellant/Applicant) VS Nigeria Army (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
03/22/2017 SC773/2014 Isa Bello (Appellant/Respondent) VS Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
03/22/2017 SC500/2015 Friday Ameh (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
03/22/2017 SC125/2016 Ikechukwu Sam (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
03/22/2017 SC748/2016 Haruna Timothy (Appellant/Applicant) VS People of Lagos State (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
03/21/2017 SC277/2006 Nigeria Communication Ltd. (Cross-Appellant/Applicant) VS John Olatunji Mayaki (Cross-Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
03/21/2017 SC523/2013 The Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Limited (SPDC) (Defendant/Appellant/Applicant) VS Elder Boribor N. Saakpa & Anor (Plaintiffs/Respondents) Civil Motion
03/21/2017 SC360/2014 Mobil Producing Nigeia Unlimited & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Balafana Ogalo & 566 Ors (Respondents/Applicants) Civil Motion
03/21/2017 SC631/2014 Exxon Mobile Corporation 5959 Las Conilas Boulevard Irving Texas United State of America (USA) (Appellant/Applicant) VS H.R.H Obong (DR) Effiong B. Archibong(JP) & Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
03/21/2017 SC806/2014 Bernard Ude & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Charles Efobi & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
03/21/2017 SC30/2006 Benue State Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) (Appellant) VS All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP)& Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/21/2017 SC212/2006 Chief Rita Boti Ogbebor & Ors (Appellants) VS Independent National Electoral Commission(INEC) & Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/21/2017 SC376/2007 Hon. Stanley Buba & 11 Ors (Appellant) VS Governor, Nasarawa State & 16 Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/21/2017 SC337/2013 Barbedos Ventures Limited (Appellant) VS First Bank of Nigeria Plc. (Respondent) Civil Appeal
03/20/2017 SC80/2015 Ben Nwanko (Appellant/Applicant) VS Kay-Kay Construction Limited (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
03/20/2017 .SC81/2015 Hon. Azodo Eucharia (Appellant/Applicant/Respondent) VS Kay-Kay Construction Limited (Respondent/Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
03/20/2017 SC90/2015 Mr. Chizor Obidigwe (Appellant/Respondent) VS Kay-Kay Construction Limited (Respondent/Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
03/20/2017 SC213/2016 Ashaka Cem Plc (Appellant/Applicant/Respondent) VS Asharatul Mubashshurun Investment Ltd (Respondent/Respondent/Applicant) Civil Motion
03/20/2017 SC505/2016 Dokkin Ventures Nigeria Ltd (Appellant/Applicant) VS Enterprise Bank Limited (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
03/20/2017 SC103/2007 Abubakar Abdul-Rahaman (Appellant) VS Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) (Respondent) Civil Appeal
03/20/2017 SC344/2008 ELF Petroleum (Appellant) VS Daniel Umah & Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/20/2017 SC145/2010 Prince Kayode Olowu (Appellant) VS Building Stock Limited & Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/16/2017 SC457/2016 Chief Olisa Metuh (Appellant/Applicant) VS Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent/Respondent) Criminal Motion
03/16/2017 SC253/2012 Olusabya Onitito (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
03/16/2017 SC470/2012 Mohammed Gazali (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
03/16/2017 SC320/2012 Zayannu Mohammed (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
03/16/2017 SC210/2014 Olabisi Olakunle (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
03/16/2017 SC594/2014 Mathia Idoko Garuba (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent) Criminal Appeal
03/15/2017 SC279/2016 Hon. Chris Azubogu (Appellant) VS Hon. (Dr) Harry Oranezi & 5 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
03/15/2017 SC759/2016 Mr. Cyril Fasuyi & 3 Ors (Appellants) VS Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) & 2 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
03/15/2017 SC854/2016 Barr. M. A. Abubakar (Appellant) VS Comrade Abdullahi Mohammed Tanko & 2 Ors (Respondent) Civil Motion
03/15/2017 SC877/2016 Hon. Eucharia Azodo (Appellant) VS Hon. Chidi Duru & 7 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
03/15/2017 SC1046/2016 Sir Friday Nwanozie Nwosu (Appellant) VS Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) & 3 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
03/15/2017 SC116/2017 Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) & Ors (Appellants) VS Hon. Ejike Oguebego & 3 Ors (Respondents) Civil Motion
03/15/2017 SC331/2016 Barr. Benjamin Wayo (Appellant) VS Engr. George T. A. Nduul & 2 Ors (Respondent) Civil Appeal
03/15/2017 SC718/2016 Dr. Alex Otti & Anor (Appellants) VS Dr. Samson Uchechukwu Ogah & 4 Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/14/2017 SC209/2005 Dickson Ogunsende & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Societe General Bank Ltd & 2 Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
03/14/2017 SC365/2012 Nze Edward Madukwe & 15 Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Anambra State Government & 4 Ors. (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
03/14/2017 SC598/2013 Major Napoleon N. Ogan (JP) & Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Mr. Felix Abesa Ogan & Ors (Respondents/Respondents) Civil Motion
03/14/2017 SC91/2015 Juluis Oba Fatoyinbo & 2 Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS Micheal Dada Osadeyi & Anor (Respondents) Civil Motion
03/14/2017 SC111/2015 Elder Sunday Obo & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) VS Dr. (Mrs) Chinyere Oriuogu (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
03/14/2017 SC11/2006 Osuade Adeyinka Akiribade & Ors (Appellants) VS Ayoade Babatunde & 9 Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/14/2017 SC36/2007 C. N. Okpala & Son Limited (Appellant) VS Nigeria Breweries Plc. (Respondent) Civil Appeal
03/14/2017 SC376/2007 Mrs. Rosemary Ngige (Appellant) VS Oladele Disu & Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/14/2017 SC376/2007 Integrated Really Ltd (Appellant) VS Murtala Saka Odofin & 6 Ors (Respondents) Civil Appeal
03/13/2017 SC70/2014 Ochenehi Onu (Appellant/Applicant) VS Mathian Ogwuche (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion
03/13/2017 SC560/2015 Edward Nwadinobi & 2 Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS M. C. C. Nigeria Ltd. (Respondent/Respondent) Civil Motion

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