Causelist Archive

# Date Case Type ScNo Party Particulars Court
1 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL MOTION SC 857/2016 The State (Appellant) Vs Bagudu Dangana (Respondent) Application filed on 5/3/2018 for an order extending the time within which the Appellant/Applicant may seek leave to appeal?etc Court 1
2 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL MOTION SC 1006C/2018 Marshall Asuquo William (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Application filed on 6/1/2021 for an order of this Honourable Court listing Suit No. Sc 1006C/2018 pending before this Court for hearing?etc Court 1
3 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 418/2011 Yaron Mallam (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
4 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 556/2014 Joseph Olanrewaju (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
5 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 537/2015 Sa?idu Alhaji Ilu (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
6 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 654/2016 Ishaya Sansani (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
7 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 853/2017 Stanley Ossai (Appellant) Vs The People of Lagoe State (Respondent) Court 1
8 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 1031/2017 Shu?aibu Mohammed (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
9 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 303/2018 Godwin Onoyiwa (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
10 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 1025/2018 Donates Ezebunwa Achinulo (Appellant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Court 1
11 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 128/2019 Alade Stephen (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
12 02-12-2021 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 154C/2019 Chief Nelson O. Imoh & Anor (Appellant) Vs Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) & Ors. (Respondent) Court 1
13 30-11-2021 CIVIL MOTION SC 218/2008 Chinedu Patrick Monyei & Ors (Appellants) Vs Ogbueshi Okolo & Ors (Respondents) 1. Application filed on 16/3/2016 an order striking out the present appeal for constituting an abuse of judicial process etc 2. Application filed 29/3/2021 for an order granting leave to the appellants to raise in the notice of appeal before this Honourable Court a fresh issue?etc Court 1
14 30-11-2021 CIVIL MOTION SC 446/2014 Alhaji Yekini Adesina (Appellant) Vs Union Bank of Nigeria Limited & Ors (Respondents) 1. Application filed on the 2/4/2015 for leave of this Honourable Court to use the already transmitted record of appeal to argue the cross-appeal etc 2. Application filed on 8/3/2019 for an order granting leave for the Appellant/Applicant to amend his notice of appeal?.etc Court 1
15 30-11-2021 CIVIL MOTION SC 1161/2018 Mr. Friday Ukpong (Appellant) Vs The chief of Naval Staff, Nigerian Navy (Respondent) 1. Application filed on 21/9/2020 for an order dismissing Appeals no. SC 1161/2018 for lack of diligent prosecution. 2. Application filed on 12/11/2021 for an order enlarging time within which the Appellant may file etc Court 1
16 30-11-2021 CIVIL MOTION SC 157/2019 Mr. Yemi Akinbisehin (Appellant) Vs Mr. Ademola Bodunrin Olajide (Respondent) 1. Application filed on 19/1/2021 for an order of this Honourable Court granting leave to the Respondent/Applcant to file the Respondent?s brief of out of time..etc 2. Application filed on 19/1/2021 for an order dismissing the appellant?s brief of argument dated 15th day of April, 2019?etc 3. Application filed on 8/3/2021 for an order of this Honourable Court extending time within which to seek leave to appeal?etc Court 1
17 30-11-2021 CIVIL MOTION SC 639/2020 Redstar Express Plc (Appellant) Vs Ernest O. Abegbe & Co & Anor (Respondents) 1. Application filed on 12/2/2021 for an order striking out appeal (SC 639/2020 for want of prosecution. 2. Application filed 31/3/2021 for an order for extension of time within which to file the Appellant/Applicant?s brief of argument?etc Court 1
18 30-11-2021 CIVIL APPEAL SC 263/2006 Dike Geo Motors Limited & Anor (Appellants) Vs Allied Signal & Anor (Respondents) Court 1
19 30-11-2021 CIVIL APPEAL SC 171/2007 Ifeanyi Ukaegbu (Appellant) Vs National Broadcasting Commission (Respondent) Court 1
20 30-11-2021 CIVIL APPEAL SC 282/2008 Oba Jubril B. Maranro (Appellant) Vs Alhaji Salami Adebisi (Respondent) Court 1
21 30-11-2021 CIVIL APPEAL SC 67/2010 Alh. Mustapha Bello (Appellant) Vs The Minister. Federal Ministry of Housing & Urban Development (Respondent) Court 1
22 30-11-2021 CIVIL APPEAL SC 73/3011 Units Evironmental Science Limited (Appellant) Vs Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (Respondent) Court 1
23 30-11-2021 CIVIL APPEAL SC 353/2011 Commissioner of Police, Kaduna State (Appellant) Vs Kaduna State Urban Planning and Development Authority & Anor. (Respondents) Court 1
24 30-11-2021 CIVIL APPEAL SC 149/2012 Danson Izedonmwen & Anor (Appellants) Vs Union Bank Plc (Respondent) Court 1
25 30-11-2021 CIVIL APPEAL SC 138/2014 Jam Bureau De Change Ltd & Anor (Appellants) Vs Access Bank Plc (Respondent) Court 1