Causelist Archive

# Date Case Type ScNo Party Particulars Court
6676 21-01-2016 Appeal SC447/2011 Julius Bayode Ayeni (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent)
6677 21-01-2016 Appeal SC159/2012 Oluwatoyin Aboko-Kuyanro (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent)
6678 21-01-2016 Appeal SC288/2012 Manir Abdullahi (Appellant) VS Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent)
6679 21-01-2016 Appeal SC71/2013 Shabe Alh. Galadima (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent)
6680 21-01-2016 Appeal SC72/2013 Sambo Alh. Galadima (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent)
6681 21-01-2016 Appeal SC722/2014 Itam Ishor Ikpo (Appellant) VS The State (Respondent)
6682 20-01-2016 Motion SC163/2003 Chief Abu Ijegwa (Appellant/Applicant) VS Afada Ehoche (Respondent)
6683 20-01-2016 Motion SC138/2006 Chief Ime Samson Umanah (Appellant/Applicant) VS N.D.I.C (Respondent)
6684 20-01-2016 Motion SC340/2007 Kadiri Adeola &Ors (Appellants/Applicants) VS The Timi of Ede & Ors (Respondents)
6685 20-01-2016 Motion SC219/2010 Intergrated Reality Ltd. (Appellant/Applicant) VS Murtala Saka Odofin (Respondent)
6686 20-01-2016 Motion SC158/2011 Segun Ajisebutu (Appellant/Applicant) VS Folorunso Adetuyole (Respondent)
6687 20-01-2016 Motion SC322/2012 Chukwuemeka Agugua (Appellant/Respondent) VS The State (Respondent)
6688 20-01-2016 Motion SC498/2013 Olusegun Ogunwale (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondent)
6689 20-01-2016 Motion SC499/2013 Fatai Yisa (Appellant/Applicant) VS The State (Respondents/Respondent
6690 20-01-2016 Motion SC709/2013 Fatai Ajufu (Appellant/Respondent) VS The State (Respondent/Applicant)
6691 20-01-2016 Motion SC662/2013 Gariel Oyetayo (Appellant/Respondent) VS The State (Respondent/Applicant)
6692 20-01-2016 Motion SC553/2014 Martina Opara (Appellant/Applicant) VS Attorney General of the Federation (Respondent/Applicant)
6693 20-01-2016 Motion SC474/2013 Geo memorial Medical Centre & Anor (Appellant/Applicant) VS National Directorate of Employment. (Respondent)
6694 19-01-2016 Motion SC63/2006 Nigeria Port Plc (Cross Appellant/Applicant) VS Peter Essi (Cross Respondent/Respondent)
6695 19-01-2016 Motion SC364/2007 Dr. Samuel U. Isitor (Appellant/Applicant) VS Mrs. Margaret Fakorede (Respondents)
6696 19-01-2016 Motion SC301/2013 MTN Nigeria Communication Limited (Appellant/Applicant) VS Mr. Etuk Hanson (Respondent)
6697 19-01-2016 Motion SC396705/2015 Rev. Prof Paul Emeka (Appellant/Respondent) VS Rev. Dr. Chidi Okoroafor & 18 Ors (Respondents/Applicants)
6698 19-01-2016 Appeal SC185/2005 B. B. Apugo & Sons Limited (Appellants) VS Othorpaedic Hospital Management Board (Respondent)
6699 19-01-2016 Appeal SC226/2005 Bullet International Nigeria Limited & Anor (Appellants) VS Dr. Mrs Omonike Olaniyi & Anor (Respondents)
6700 19-01-2016 Appeal SC350/0152 People Democratic Party (PDP) (Appellant) VS Hon. (Chief)Ogbuefi Ozomgbachi (Respondents)