Causelist Archive

# Date Case Type ScNo Party Particulars Court
101 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL MOTION SC 524/2014 Seun Omirinde Appellant/Applicant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Application filed 19/10/18 for leave to hear the appeal herein on the Appellant?s Brief of Argument alone in default of the Respondent?s Brief of Argument?.etc Court 1
102 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL MOTION SC 526/2018 Tunde Balogun (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Federal republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Application filed 19/10/18 for leave to hear the appeal herein on the Appellant?s Brief of Argument alone in default of the Respondents Brief of Argument?etc. Court 1
103 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL MOTION SC 987/2017 Nigerian Army Appellant/Applicant) Vs C P L Osafele Friday (Respondent) 1. application filed 19/12/2018 for an order ?setting down this appeal for hearing on the Appellant?s brief of argument alone??.etc. 2. Application filed on 5/2/2019 for an order extending the time within which the Respondent/Applicant file and serve the Respondent?s brief of Argument??etc. Court 1
104 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 531/2013 Ifeanyi Ekwuruekwu (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
105 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 827/2014 Basiru Nalado (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
106 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 860/2015 Shahu Mohammed (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
107 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 860/2016 Muritala Akibu (Appellant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
108 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 878/2017 The State (Appellant) Vs Terver Kapine (Alias Jahrule) (Respondent) Court 1
109 14-02-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 879/2017 The State (Appellant) Vs Terungwa Igba (Respondent) Court 1
110 12-02-2019 ORIGINATING SUMMONS SC 45/2019 Attorney General of Cross Rivers State (Appellant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria & Anor. (Respondent) Court 1
111 12-02-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 258/2010 National Electric Power Authority (Appellant/Applicant Vs Mallam Muhammed Auwal (Respondent) Application filed 11/12/2017 granting leave to amend the original notice of Appeal? Court 1
112 12-02-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 584/2013 H. R. H. Oba Samuel Adegbola (Eleruwa) & 6 Ors. (Appellants/Respondents) Vs Mr. James Olatande Idowu & 4 Ors. (Respondents/ Applicants) Application filed on 19/12/2018 for an order for abridgement of time/date of hearing of this appeal from 4/2/2020 to an earlier date?etc. Court 1
113 12-02-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 77/2016 Alhaji T. A. Almaroof & Anor. (Appellants/Applicants) Vs Mr. tunde Bucknor (Rspondent) 1. Application filed 10/10/2016 for leave to file, serve and rely on the document attached?etc. 2. Application filed 1/2/2018 staying the execution of the Court of Appeal? etc. Court 1
114 12-02-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 340/2016 Attorney General of Kogi State & Anor. (plaintiffs) Vs National Assembly of Nig. & Anor. (Defendants) And Rt. Hon. Momoh Jimoh Lawal (Intervener/ Applicant) 1. Application filed on 4/8/2016 for an order of this Honourable Court joining the Applicant as a party interested in this summons?..etc. 2. Application filed on 14/ 6/2016 for an order of this Honourable Court Joining the interested party/Applicant as part in this summons?etc. 3. Application filed on 28/6/2016 for an order of the Court striking-out suit SC. 340/2016?.etc. 4. Application filed on 23/11/2018 for an order of this Honourable Court granting the 1st Defendant/Applicant Leave for enlargement of time to file the 1st Defendant Reply on point of Law?.etc. Court 1
115 12-02-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 18/2017 Dr. Erastus Akingbola & Anor (Appellants/Applicants) Vs Intercontinental Bank Plc & Ors. (Respondents) 1. Application filed 31/5/2017 for accelerated hearing of the Appellants Appeal?etc 2. Application filed 10/7/2017 extending the time within which to file 7th to 14th Respondents?etc. 3. Application filed 4/6/2018 enlarging the time within which the Cross-Appellant/Applicant herein may Cross Appeal against part of the Judgment?etc. 4. Application filed 4/6/2018 extending the time within whichthe 16th Respondent/Applicant may file its Respondents brief?.etc. 5. Application filed 8/6/2018 extending the time within which the 16th Respondent/Applicant may file its brief?etc. 6. Application filed 11/6/2018 enlarging the time within which the Cross-Appellant May Cross-Appeal?etc. Court 1
116 12-02-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 778/2017 Akron Trade & Transport d/venezucla CA & 5 Ors. (Appellants/Applicants) Vs Bonavista Shipping cooporation (Respondent) Application filed on 31/5/2018 for an order extending time to seek leave to appeal on ground of facts or mixed law and facts?etc. Court 1
117 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 11/2014 Hon. Imo Edet Udo (Appellant) Vs Mr. Godswill Akpabio & Ors (Respondents) Court 1
118 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC471/2017 Yunusa Lawal (Appellant) Vs All progressives Congress (APC) & 3 Ors. (Respondents) Court 1
119 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 597/2017 AllProgressives Grand Alliance (APGA) (Appellant) Vs Dr. Victor Ike Oye &4 Ors (Respondents) Court 1
120 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 602/2017 Hon. Barr. Sunday Cyriacus Umeha (Appellant) Vs People?s Democratic party (PDP) (Respondent) Court 1
121 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC6/2018 People?s Democratic party (PDP) (Appellant) Vs Independent National Electoral Commission & 3 Ors. (Respondents) Court 1
122 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 92/2018 Senator Umaru Dahiru & Anor. (Appellant) Vs All Progressives Congress (APC) & 2 Ors. (Respondents) Court 1
123 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 521/2018 Independent National Electoral Commission (Appellant) Vs Mr. Akiah Humphrey Okolie (Respondent) Court 1
124 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 673/2018 A M B Akpang Ade Obi (Appellant) Vs Jerigbe Agom Jerigbe & Anor. (Respondents) Court 1
125 11-02-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 968/2018 People?s Democratic party (PDP) (Appellant) Vs Chief (Engr) Adebayo Dayo & 4 Ors (Respondents) Court 1