Causelist Archive

# Date Case Type ScNo Party Particulars Court
176 31-01-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 276/2016 Gazali Aliyu (Applicant) Vs The State (Respondent) Court 1
177 31-01-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 530/2016 Barewa Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Applicant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria (Respondent) Court 1
178 31-01-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 1095/2016 The State (Applicant) Vs Nura Buhari (Respondent) Court 1
179 31-01-2019 CRIMINAL APPEAL SC 838/2017 Federal Republic of Nigeria (Applicant) Vs Thomas Isegholi (Respondent) Court 1
180 29-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 138/2000 Chief Wilson O. Eboh (J.P) (appellant/Applicant) Vs The Government of Delta State & Ors (Respondent) Application filed 2/11/2017 for an order substituting Mr. Mofe Akporiage in place of the 3rd Respondent Court 1
181 29-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 701/2014 Alhaji Alhassan Shu?aibu (Appellant/Applicant) Vs Muhammed Babangida Mu?azu & Ors (Respondents) Application filed 26/2/2018 for an order setting down this appeal for hearing and determination on the Appellant?s brief of Argument only. Court 1
182 29-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 297/2015 The Governor of Kogi State & Ors (Appellants) Vs Trans-Engineering (Nig) Limited (Respondent) Terms of settlement file 22/3/2018. Court 1
183 29-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 747/2016 Sir Jude Agbaso (Applicant) Vs Hon.Simeon Iwunze & Ors (Respondents) Application filed 9/9/2016 for an order for enlargement of time within which the Applicant may apply for leave to appeal. Court 1
184 29-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 342/2017 Jessco Maritime Resources Ltd (Appellant/Applicant) Vs The M/T Mother Benedicta & Anor (Respondents/Respondents Application filed 5/5/2017 for an order extending time within the applicant will seek leave to appeal. Court 1
185 29-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 45/2019 Attorney General of Cross Rivers State (Appellant) Vs Federal Republic of Nigeria & Anor (Respondents) Court 1
186 29-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 165/2006 Execl Plastic Industry Ltd (Appellant) Vs First Bank of Nigeria Plc (Respondent) Court 1
187 29-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 310/2006 Adewumi Richard Fatunde & Anor (Appellant) Vs Fan Milk Plc (Respondent) Court 1
188 29-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 50/2007 Alhaji Abubakar Abdulkadir (Appellant) Vs Alhaji Tukur Mohammed & Ors. (Respondents) Court 1
189 29-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 361/2007 Mr Ebun Adedipe (Appellant) Vs Mr Afolabi Theophilus (Respondent) Court 1
190 29-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 240/2008 John Umeakuna (Appellant) Vs Mrs Virginia Umeakuna (Respondent) Court 1
191 28-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 89/2006 Edak Ekepenyong Okon Edak & Ors (Appellants/Respondents) Vs Patrick Edem Archibong & Ors. (Respondents/Applicants) Application filed 7/5/2013 for an order for leave of the Honourable Court joining the interested Party/applicants as Respondent to this appeal Court 1
192 28-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 128/2013 Eddy Motors Nig. Ltd. (Appellant/Respondent) Vs Mainstreet Bank Ltd. (Respondent/Appellant) Application filed 23/2/2015 for an order striking out the records of appeal for lack of diligent prosecution by Appellant/Respndent. Court 1
193 28-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 404/2013 Folorin Rotimi Williams Esq & Another (Appellants/Applicant) Vs Adold/Stamm International (Nig) Limited & Anor (REsponent/Appellant) 1. Applicantion filed 6/11/2015 for an order extending the time within which Appellants/Applicants may file the Appellants? brief of argument. 2. Applicant filed 18/3/2016 for an order extending time within which the Applicant may seek leave to file a cross-appeal. 3. Application filed 2/8/2018 for an order that this present appeal should be heard and determined base on the appellants? brief of Argument alone Court 1
194 28-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 227/2015 Lamidi Sanni & 58 Ors. (Appellants/Applicants) Vs Chief Salami Oruku (Respondent/Respondent) 1. Application filed 17/8/2018 for an order praying this Honourable Court to determine and/or adjudicate on this Appeal solely on the Appellant/Applicant?s brief alone in this Appeal. 2. Application filed 12/9/2018 for an order dismissing the Appellant Motion dated 17th day of August. Court 1
195 28-01-2019 CIVIL MOTION SC 964/2015 Alhaji Inusa Danyaya & Ors (Applicants) Vs Alhaji Ishaku Yakubu (Respondent) Application filed 17/12/2015 for an order for enlargement of time within which the Applicants may apply for leave against the judgment of the Court of Appeal Jos etc. Court 1
196 28-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 154/2006 MV Sealion (Ex? Antibes) & anor (Appellants) Vs Assurance foreninggen Skuld (Gjensidig) (Respondent) Court 1
197 28-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 157/2014 Delmas & Ors (Appellants) Vs Sunny Ositez International Nigeria Limited (Respondent) Court 1
198 28-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 818/2016 Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (Appellant) Vs Patrick Ogu & anor (Respondents) Court 1
199 28-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 918/2017 Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) (Appellant) Vs Tony Ekenediri Chukwu anyawike & Ors. (Respondents) Court 1
200 28-01-2019 CIVIL APPEAL SC 6/2010 Nigerian Communications Commission (Appellant) Vs Motorphone Limited & Anor. (Respondents) Court 1