Presently, the department performs the key functions they are:

  • Taking charge of establishment matters (appointment, promotions and discipline )
  • Preparation of manpower budget
  • Taking charge of personnel and policy records, through personnel, confidential and policy registries.
  • Raising of salary variations advise
  • Processing of pension and death benefits.
  • Taking charge of the national housing fund.
  • Taking charge of the national health insurance scheme.
  • Issuance of ID card to staff.
  • Control of the typing pool.
  • Preparation of leave roster and processing of staff leave.



The sections/ units of the administrative department are:

  • Appointment
  • Promotions and discipline Staff welfare/Transport and Training
  • Budget and Supplies (stores)

Engineering / Maintenance Department

The functions of the engineering department are as follows:

  • Maintenance and upkeep of the central air –conditioning installations package and split air-conditioning unit in the court complex and the Hon. Justices Quarters.
  • Maintenance of electrical power and distribution system in the court complex and the Hon. Justices quarters.
  • Maintenance of lifts in the court complex.
  • Maintenance of water supply and plumbing installation in the court complex in the court complex and Hon. Justices quarters.
  • Maintenance of generator plants in the court complex and the Hon. Justices’ quarters.
  • Maintenance of the fire fighting equipments, closed circuit television camera (CCTV), voice lodgers, public address system and other technical equipment in the court complex.
  • Repairs of roof leakages, re-painting, carpentry work and mowing machines in the court complex and Hon. Justices’ quarters.
  • It is the responsibility of the department to advise on the engineering maintenance work and suggest ways of improving the facilities of the court and suggest ways of improving the facilities of the court complex and the quarters of the Hon. Justice.
  • Carry out other job as assigned.
  • The department is to ensure that all the facilities are in good working condition at all times.

The Engineering Maintenance Department comprises of the following sections:

  • Electrical section
  • Mechanical section
  • Estate section

Establishment and Training

Details: Not available

Finance and Accounts

Key Functions include;

  • Ensuring compliance with financial regulations and accounting code by all staff
  • Ensuring adequate supervision of the disbursement of funds and ensuring proper monitoring of revenue collection.
  • Advising the accounting officers on all financial matters as well as more technical provision of these regulations and other treasury/finance circulars.
  • Monitoring proper accounting records such as books of accounts, main and subsidiary ledgers.
  • Ensuring prompt rendition of all returns e.g Consolidated account (monthly transcript ), Bank Reconciliation statements, revenue & expenditure returns.
  • Compiling and defending of the budget proposals and ensuring effective budgeting control by matching/ comparing budgeted figures with the actual expenditure or revenue as the case may be.
  • Ensuring that all staff are exposed to regular training programmed as specify in the budget proposal.
  • Liaising with the office of the accountant-general from time to time when in doubt in the interpretation of the provisions of these regulations and other treasury circulars.
  • Ensuring the existence of an effective audit query unit/ section to promptly deal with all queries from internal audit unit inspectorate department, office of the accountant- general and public account committee.





This is the office of the head of the entire Accounts Department. It organises and coordinates the functions and responsibilities of all the units in the department; and oversees the successful discharge of all accounting work in the unit vis-a-vis related work with other government agencies and bodies.



It discharges such functions as may be assigned by the DD (F&A). The CA therefore support the DD (F&A) in the organising and coordinating of the entire chain of activities in the Account Department for the successful achievement of desired results and set targets.

  • OTHER CHARGES Consists of two sub units: (a) Recurrent (b) Capital

Legal, Process and Archives

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Details: Not available

Planning, Research and Statistics


The PRS Department is one of three (3) new Departments created in February 26th 2014 by the FJSC for the Court - with the core mandate of planning, research and statistics, as the name implies. The Department is also responsible for the Planning and Management of the Court’s ICT programs; Special Duties and Utilities Services of the Court.

For administrative convenient and effectiveness the Department is structured into three (3) divisions and many sections. 

  • providing statistical data and technical support for broad policies formulation on project planning, implementation and monitoring
  • Providing the framework for the collection data, preservation and management
  • Providing the framework for the formulation of policies and plans on records management
  • Providing planning template for formulating broad policies on projects planning, evaluations and monitoring (cost-benefit analysis)
  • Undertaking economic feasibility studies and surveys on policies and programs of the Court
  • Drawing up accurate manpower budget; nominal roll and planning data for the Court on yearly basis
  • Undertaking research on the Court development and documentation of biographies, profiles, etc. of parts and present justices, CRs and management staff; etc
  • Drawing up statistical analysis on all the activities of the Court
  • Writing newsletters, bulletins and other relevant publications
  • Collating and collecting data on outsourcing companies engaged by the court; etc.


  • Procurement of hardware and software of ICT facilities;
  • Maintenance of ICT facilities, installation of computer systems and accessories;
  • Implementation of all ICT projects and programs of the Court;
  • Provision of support services to end-users;
  • Undertaking technical support programs for software users and training services to all staff;
  • Managing and optimizing the performance of Local Area Network (LAN), Intranet and Internet Networks;
  • Managing, maintaining and supporting the Court ICT data centre, upgrading of existing ICT infrastructure with up-to-date technologies
  • Managing the Court’s Web portal.

Special Duties and Utility Services Division:

  • Taking charge of Justices/Court’s ceremonial matters;
  • Keeping records and coordinating the ceremonial activities/valedictory Court sessions, Legal Year and Swearing-in ceremonies of Justices;
  • Procuring and maintaining of Justices’ ceremonial Gown/Robes/Dresses;
  • Procuring and maintaining telephone facilities, accessories and switch Board (PABX);
  • Liaising with the office of the Commissioner of Police FCT Command and Inspector General of Police for the Police details of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Justices of Supreme Court;
  • Liaising with the Office of the President/Secretary to the Government of the Federation in appointment of the Chief Justice of Nigeria, Heads of Federal Courts, Justices of Court of Appeal, Federal High Court, High Court of Justice of FCT etc.
  • Procuring and maintaining cables TV network (DSTV) and other related services for the Court, Justices and Management Staff’s residences;
  • Taking charge of and payment of utility bills: electricity, water, sewage and waste disposal, etc.


This department was created in July 2005 It comprises procurement and store units. Its functions are as follows;

  • Ensuring due process in the procurement of goods and services and the awards of contracts in the court to which they are deployed (due process here refers to open competitive tendering system which includes , but not limited to open advertisement of proposals for supplies and contract awards , pre qualification of supplies / contractors where appropriate , submission and open evaluation of bill, etc );
  • Maintenance of register of suppliers / contractors for the ministry /department /agency and payment of appropriate fees for tendering purpose;
  • Maintenance of a periodically up to date price database as may be provided by the central procurement agency for public sector procurement and contracts awards;
  • Superintending strict adherence to all extant regulations and procedures on procurement and contract award;
  • Liaison with the Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit (BMPIU) of the Presidency, or any other organisation /agency relating on matters relating to contract awards.

The functions of store units consist among others of the following:

  • Receiving of goods from outside suppliers
  • Inspection of goods
  • Recording –receiving and issuing of suppliers.
  • Securing; protecting stocks against loss or theft or misplacement.
  • Maintenance and protecting stocks against loss through deteriorating from fire , water, weather, etc.
  • Stock control
  • Stock taking
  • Disposal of surplus
  • Implementation of health and safety regulation relating to store.